Get on the track with us!

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with Matteo Sorgiacomo and the Strato Racing team

This new adventure will allow us to fuse together the elements that have always accompanied the journey in the motoring field of these two "virtual teams".

Italia Team Racing has been present in the world of simracing for decades, as is Strato Racing, which has nevertheless seen fit to take the leap and add the real track to the virtual one a few years ago.

With this project we would like to give all those who wish, the chance to feel like a driver for a day and get on the track to taste the sensation of speed, which only a real car can give.

Single-seat that has the name of the hilarious, and increasingly famous, FORMULA PREDATOR.

Let's look at its features together:

- Engine: Honda Hornet 600cc

- Gearbox: 6 gears

- Frame: Aviotech in fiberglass and kevlar

- Weight: about 420 kg (with pilot on board)

- Tires: Avon ACB10

So if you want to do your personal test with this beautiful single-seater, all you have to do is contact us, and you will discover all the details of a day that will leave you breathless!

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