Repair and breakdown policy

Steering wheels and peripherals

Our peripherals are handcrafted and built individually by our collaborators. We do not make "assembly line" creations. This allows us to focus maximum attention on each individual product, testing it after each construction step and evaluating its quality and reliability.

No peripheral is shipped unless it passes our rigorous functionality verification tests. Once these tests have passed, the device is ready to ship to its final destination.

From the moment of receiving the peripheral, the customer is entitled to 7 days, within which to communicate any malfunctions, it being understood that our technicians certify the correct functioning of the peripherals before shipment.

In compliance with the provisions of article 59, paragraph 1, paragraph c of the Consumer Code, the right of return, which would otherwise be available, is excluded on all our steering wheels, as they fall within the category of artisan products, personalized, handmade.

Any damage or malfunction that affects the correct functioning of the device, beyond the date indicated above, is attributable to incorrect use by the customer. The latter must therefore, in the event that he wants to repair the device, bear the shipping and repair costs.

We respond free of charge for 24 months to any problems beyond the incorrect use of the peripheral by the customer.