We are proud to present the new ITR # MV33 steering wheel. This add-on for your ffb-base, 100% Carbon Fiber, is created by hand by the passion of our kids, and thanks to the collaboration with the fantastic guys from @simplymod_f1, great importance was given to the aesthetic part.

Also the new ITR # MV33 follows our mantra: "Created and designed by simdriver for simdriver".

We have put into this product all the experience gained in over 10 years of simracing, and all our technical knowledge. Our goal is always to put in your hands a steering wheel that is as faithful as possible to the real counterpart, but at the same time easy to understand and complete in terms of hardware.

The aesthetic part was treated in every detail by our partner @simplymod_f1.


  • 10 front buttons
  • 5 Rotary encoder (knobs)
  • Sequential gears in CARBON FIBER with ITR proprietary mechanism
  • Front and rear plates in CARBON FIBER
  • Double clutch on the steering wheel in CARBON FIBER (Work on PC version only)
  • LCD-Touch display with F1 RB style dashboard
  • 21 RGB LEDs for engine revs and flags
  • PC compatibility: Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec and OSW
  • Console compatibility: Thrustmaster

For PC & Console

Requirements: 1 USB Port 3.0

* we raccomended Windows10 on PC

The ffb-bases are not included.

Compatibility with PS4: T300 - T300RS - T500

Compatibility with XBOX ONE: TS-XW - TX-RW

- Buttons of #MV33 work with every games -

Supported games (Led and Display LCD)

Game PC PS4 XBOX One
Assetto Corsa **
F1 2019 **
F1 2018
Project Cars 2

Some games require additional configuration to enable telemetry.
** knobs work 100%

Demo on PC


XBOX ONE Layout buttons

PS4 Layout buttons