We had been questioning ourselves for months about how we could satisfy all motorsport tastes, and almost instinctively we thought the opposite of F1 and uncovered wheels in general.

And it is from this thought, that over the months our new project that we present here has come to life. The newcomer to the ITR is the SW GT REPLICA !!!

The ITR STEERING WHEEL GT REPLICA steering wheel is created and designed by simdriver for simdriver. We took inspiration from one of the most well-known GT cars in the world and we harmoniously inserted our idea of GT steering wheel into the original layout, with many buttons and in addition manettini and switches to simulate the world of the best covered wheels.



  • 11 front buttons
  • 3 Rotary encoder (knobs)
  • Sequential gear-shifter with ITR proprietary mechanism
  • 3 Switch with double position
  • Plug & Play - no need extra software
  • Usb port 2.0 o 3.0
  • Compatible with ffb wheel-base Logitech and Thrustmaster 

Only for PC - NO console

Requirements: 1 USB 2.0 o 3.0 port

* it is advisable to use Windows10

The ffb base is not included in the purchase of the steering wheel.