The ITR-evolution starts with this project, which takes the name of ITR #CL16. This add-on for your flying base is 100% Carbon Fiber. We wanted to rethink from scratch the way to design and build a simdriver without forgetting our mantra: "Created and designed by simdriver for simdriver".

Everything that is present inside and outside behind the wheel is designed and built by our team, thanks to the experience of recent years that has allowed us to increase our know-how. This allowed us to design every single component in such a way as to adapt perfectly to the needs of each type of simdriver. An important step was to make the steering wheel aesthetically three-dimensional, in order to reflect its 100% real counterpart.


  • 10 front buttons
  • 2 rear buttons
  • 12 Rotary switch (encoder knobs)
  • 1 interrupt 2 positions
  • Magnetic paddles in CARBON FIBER created by ITR
  • Front and rear plates in CARBON FIBER
  • Clutch at steering wheel in CARBON FIBER with  anti-slip finger rest (Working on Pc also on console)
  • Rubber handles
  • Display LCD-Touch with Ferrari dashboard
  • 21 LED RGB for rpm/engine and flags
  • 6 LED for front buttons indicators
  • Quick-Release integrated for PC version  
  • Compatibility PC: Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec (required Podium Hub) e OSW
  • Compatibility Console: Thrustmaster e Fanatec

For PC & Console

Requirements: 2 USB Port

* Windows 10 on PC is recommended

Ffb bases, not included, in steering wheel purchase.

Compatibility with PS4: T300 - T300RS - T500

Compatibility with XBOX ONE: TS-XW - TX-RW

- Buttons of #CL16 steering wheel working on all games -

Supported games (Led and Display LCD)

Game PC PS4 XBOX One
Assetto Corsa **
F1 2020 **
F1 2019 **
Project Cars 2

Some games require additional configuration to enable telemetry.
** 100% working handcuffs (right / left function)